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Prayers of peace and comfort for Ruling Elder Marcia Mercer (Clerk of Session, Northport) and Family as they mourn the loss of her daughter, Jill, on July 22nd.

Prayers of healing for Jeanne Jeandheur (wife of the late Rev. Al Jeandhuer) as she recovers from surgery.

Prayers of healing for Ruling Elder Steve Calo (Shinnecock).

Prayers of healing for Ruling Elder Michael Seecharan (Brentwood), following shoulder surgery and rehabilitation.

Prayers for good test results and medical procedures for the Rev. John Wallace (HR)

Prayers of healing for Ruth and the Rev. Harold Story (HR).

Prayers of healing for the Rev. Tim Hoyt Duncan.

Prayers of healing for the husband of Ruling Elder Janet Allen-Spencer (Huntington Station).

Prayers of healing for Linda Kloepfer (Westhampton).

Prayers of peace and unity in the world and for our country as we mourn the loss of innocent people to senseless violence.

Prayers of healing for Helmut Hild. Helmut is the husband of Elder Alice Hild. (Garden City).

Prayers of thanksgiving for all the ways God has blessed us and continues to bless us each and every day.

Prayers for the safety and well being of the people in the Middle East as they struggle and fight for democracy in their countries.

Prayers for all of those churches in our Presbytery who are going through transition.

Prayers of safekeeping for our military women and men serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and for the people of those two nations.

Remember in your prayers our inquirers and candidates under the care of the Presbytery of Long Island.